Bad self
Three Maria

Three Maria cover from Dublin rock band  bad self
Three Maria cover from Dublin rock band bad self

New Dublin band bad self have self released this very well produced and tight record. They have a rocky sound complete with riffs and dirty drum beat.
More of a hint to Queen Of The Stone Age or even Seaweed than the Jesus lizard as their bio suggests. These are well crafted songs that suggests more than a debut offering from a band. You sure wouldn’t think this was a bands maiden voyage. Of course there is pedigree with members of Bambi and Future Kings of Spain being amongst the entourage.

Stay down has a riff throughout that rocks and sets the tone. Most tracks have that riff beat backbone and if you want your music to rock out then check these out. I’m to be convinced as any record that uses the line “the daybreak is coming baby” leaves me wondering what’s going in. Maybe Seaweed had those lines on offer but do we really need to hear something like that being sung in a song?

It is promising, riffy and iffy


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