I can tell you these weeks keep on flying in and inbetween each show it seems like there’s a new funeral for me to go to. Ironic too that this show coincides wioth the 10 year anniversary of John Peels death. For so many people over 40 and interested in music John Peel gave us an education. His was the show to listen to if you wanted to find out new music. He was our bandcamp, our you tube or even our myspace. Dodgy radio frequencies and hazy reception made it harder for Irish people but we sure persisted.

I was gonna go witha straight tribute, al Peel sessions and bands championed by the BBC DJ but then felt that’s not what it’s about. Why not champion music that doesn’t get played too much elsewhere. And that’s where tonights songs came from.

A fortnight ago I had never heard of Blitzkrieg Bop other than it being a Ramones song and the obvious War reference on the word Blitzkrieg. Then I received an email from habinerecords telling me all about them and their new album championing their sound from 77. The Boys are another band from 77 who released 3 albums as their participation in the orginal punk rock wave. They have a fourth album out now and are bringing their cockeny punky attitude still to bear. Duncan Reid was in the Boys and he is still releasing music too. Similar in sound to his original band it is pop punk pre green day style of course. Glimmermen are from Dublin and their
album from last year still deserves to be heard a lot more

I got three amazing records this week all with a common denominator, GW SOK. The former EX frontman is as prolific as ever. He is a member of King Champion Sounds whose new record, Songs for the Golden Hour, is out now on Louder than war records. If I had the power to create a supergroup and was drawing up a shortlist bands like the Ex, Nomeansno and Dog Faced Hermans would be high up that list. great to know that Andy and Wilf from Dog Faced Hermans and Nomeansno re still playing as two pin din . Even better to know they got GW Sok to sing with them on the new double 7″. The Sleaford Mods are coming to town. They don’t care if you go or not or if you like them. They are brash and snotty and could care less what I write. they do have some great songs though and if you’re around Dublin on December 5 I recommend you going along. Parquet Courts have a snip of Sleaford Mods brashness but don’t sound like they come from the streets (not the band but the concrete slabs you walk on). They are from Brooklyn and have released three albums, my guess is their upringing might be slightly different to the Sleaford Mods but their sound is still post punkingly good.

The Down and Outs are from Liverpool and have released 4 great albums over the past ten years or so, Pocket Money punks is from their Friday Nights Monday mornings album out on Dead and gone records. Every time I listen to Bear Trade I have a wry smile on my face. it’s not funny it’s just that I enjoy listening to them so much. bear Trade are my Undertones in a John Peel sense. two albums in and they can still do no wrong. Bomb the music Industry are, unfortunately, no more they released 7 great albums and you can get them all on their site, free… lay It On The Line are a four piece from the UK . They have tons of side projects and are extremely prolific.

Red Hare released their album last year on Dischord and it was a return to the old days for Swiz veteran Jason Farrell. Still singing hearfelt songs nearly 30 years after starting and still just wantiong to play music for music’s sake. Rites of spring are fellow DC scene people. It’s kind of where so much of that dc sound emanatres from. Yeah, it’s been hijacked as emo but Rites Of Spring were such a good band. ANother lost band are the Crucifucks. It could be one of my desert island discs you know.

repetitor are new to me ut I’m sure glad I’ve come across them. Serbian noise merchants. Antagonizers ATl are street punk from Atlanta, not the same streets as sleaford mods mind you but one of crews rather than gangs. Comrades say they are New Yorks only punk band. Of course they’re not but they have some good angry tunes.

And so we finish ths show of new music from around with a trip to Alberta, Canada for Viet Cong Indie-rock, post punk or whatever, the choice is yours

Thanks for listening

1. Blitzkrieg bop – you’re like a ufo
2. the Boys – New Car
3. Duncan Reid – Kelly’s GOne Insane
4. Glimmermen – This town
5. King Champion Sounds – SM Revelation
6. Two Pin Din & GW Sok – Listen TO The Painters
7. Sleaford Mods – Tweet tweet tweet
8. Parquet Courts – Black and White
9. Down And Outs – Pocket Money Punks
10. Bear Trade – Anathema
11. Bomb The Music Industry – Dude, Get With the program
12. Lay It On The Line – Petticoat Lane
13. Red Hare – Fuck Your Career
14. Rites Of Spring – Drink Deep
15. The Crucifucks – Legal Genocide
16. Repetitor – Lica
17. Antagonizers ATL – The Crew
18. Comrades – Walmart Liberation Front
19. Viet Cong – Continental Shelf –
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