For All The Dark Rags and the Shadow Punks
A Sacred Bones Compilation

The most progressive thing about doing a radio show is the opportunities it gives to come across new music. as someone who has been consuming and consumed by music for over three decades I admit it is hard to sustain it. However a weekly show makes it necessary to keep probing and seeking out new sounds. I will come clean, Sacred Bones were one of these revelations. As a label it has been on the go sonce 2006, this being their 125th release.

“Ok”, says I as I settle down to hear the 17 bands on offer. “I may not have heard the label but I’m bound to know some of these bands” – I skim the list of names, none resonate with me. This is a complete education.

A bonus to a compilation record is that is seems like a radio show without annoying presenters talking in between tracks. 17 different styles all on offer. You couldn’t say there’s a sacred bones sound, unlike many other labels. At times the sounds come from a late 80’s early 90’s industrial soundtrack – the kin that Capital Radio used to be so fond of playing in Dublin whilst I was there, dial in hand, waiting for the punk rock. We get that here too, in that post punk way of Institute, one band I need to know more about. They are the beacon on the top of the sacred bones lighthouse but underneath we have a lot of interesting rooms. The Men reflect Sonic Youth and I’m evebn reminded of That Petrol Emotion with Moon Duo.

Cult Of Youth have that post punk sound that grabs my interest and right throughout the rest there is a kind of psycahdelic pop, electro and industrial sound. Drone like in repetition but not as epic in length as much of that genre.

I’m intrigued, a great addition to my collection


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