Play of the day is very Domestic

With little riffs going on in the background James tells it how it is. Yeah, things are tough. Life can be hard and this displayed that reality. It’s a perfect Monday morning record, headphones on as you start another week ready to change all your wrongs but in reality it’s a trip to work, some trips to the shop and a wish that you will change that world tomorrow.

Play of the day brings trouble

This is not the sound of the crowd. It’s certainly not the sound of the spirit level on immaculately, generically identikit city streets. This is the sound of the cracks in the concrete, the splinter in the grandfather clock. The flower in the dustbin. The torn page, full of wisdom, trampled underfoot in the rain.

Play of the day sees the descendents rise again

the new record from reconvened band isn't quite full of new tracks. Their sound was genre defining at the time. The perfect bridge between Ramones, new wave and hardcore. The Descendents were a band that spoke to people for their ordinary lifestyle. It wasn’t rock and roll, it wasn’t hedonistic. It was just good tunes played fast by good people.