Thursday tunes – power, politics and punk rock from a people standing up for themselves

Prom nite
Dancing to this beat

I recently watched repo man for the first time in nearly two decades. My memories of it hasn’t faded that much and it’s soundtrack is as I remembered. Prom nite could have been on that soundtrack. Fast but not trashy, basic but catchy. Lyrics spoken at times with a laid back feel. Based in Toronto prom nite play damaged punk rock and their new record is a real find.

Top class riotous righteous raucous sounds from 3 piece gSp. Reminiscent of huggy bear. Bikini kill and maybe even the sound of BIS. My new favorite band

I saw priests last week in workman’s club and was excited for days. It was a refreshing punk funk sound. A band happy to be in the country challenging our ears. They didn’t play this song but thankfully had some copies of the album on sale

Downtown boys
A real shame they didn’t get to play Monday but our storm Ophelia killed of their plans. I have been listening to the new album almost daily but at least now I’m know I have something to look forward to.

Pillow Queens

Irish band Pillow queens have recently come on to my radar, with a release on Specialist Subject records.

The video below, in their own words

“The video for Rats takes place on the set of a radical left queer educational television programme for children.

Despite being severely underfunded and under-rehearsed the show goes on, their aim being to enlighten the youth of Ireland to the wonderful world of leftist politics.

Hosted by Snotsey-May Darcy and co-hosted by resident artist Síle O’Surelook (played by founder of Dublin’s best queer variety show GlitterHOLE; Beth Hayden, and drag extraordinaire; Daniel Power).

The content of the show and set itself is littered with references to pop culture and pays particular attention to Ireland’s current political climate with nods to ongoing struggles against the state.”

Finally for today Sissy who have just rereleased their cover of Enya’s Orinoac Way to tell the tale of women leaving Ireland for Abortions

“All profits from the ‘Name your price’ downloads will be sent directly – a vital pro choice group who support women in accessing abortion services in Ireland. Donate what you can. Download it for free, but paste their stickers on every bathroom stall door in your local area. Talk about abortion with your friends and family. Learn about abortion. Abortion is not shameful.

#freesafelegal #repealthe8th #prochoice #needabortionireland #sailandrail #ourbodiesourchoice

Abortions happen. Everyday. It’s not new and it’s not going away. The Irish government fails its citizens everyday it continues not to provide safe abortion for its citizens. provides help and support for people in Ireland who choose to have an abortion.

‘Sail and Rail’ is about solidarity. We stand in solidarity with women, non binary people and trans men who are more than vessels. We stand in solidarity with those who have suffered physically and emotionally while our government has turned a blind eye. We stand in solidarity with the people who travel to make their choice. We stand with the people who want to but, for many reasons, cannot make that journey. We stand with people with wanted pregnancies who learn the baby will not survive outside of the womb. We stand in solidarity with those who have fought and continue to fight for change. We support the right to basic healthcare. We believe in free, safe, legal abortion. We believe in education, not fear.

For more information please visit, Abortion Rights Campaign,, Abortion Support Network”




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