And the weak they must suffer the most
Europe, austerity, and the threat to global stability
Yanis varoufakis
Vintage books

This starts as a history of modern European economics. Providing the foundations for the austerity years. The author, as Greek finance minister for a fleeting 8 months had his own tale of woe, where the tried unsuccessfully to stand up to the establishment.

I read this at the same time as watching the tv series billions which is a story of money and markets. There’s similarities between both as it really is money that dictates countries and government policy. Billions is complicated in its dialogue much like this book. Ask me to explain it all and even though varoufakis style is straight forward I would struggle to give the level of detail that’s in here.

You know when something is wrong and your gut tells you more than anything else? Well that’s my explanation of what has happened with world finance.


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