Book of the week – Another Planet by Tracey Thorn

This book is a beautiful read interspersing thorns diaries and her memories of growing up outside London. It paints a vivid picture of her discos at the weekends, her shopping trips and subsequent interest in music. It is a woman talking about her life growing up as a girl

Book of the week – Michael Harding’s chest Pain

Harding had a heart attack, received a stent and has vowed from that day to give thanks. To sing gratitude to the world. To the doctors and nurses. To the paramedics who got to him within 9 minutes of dialling 999.

Book of the Week – the education of an idealist

Deep down it is a story of some hope. I have opinions on foreign policy and neo liberalism. I feel a torch needs to be shone on human rights abuses and Power is helping to shine a dim light. Hopefully it is one that never fades.