Dundee Punk band The Delinquents are over in Dublin this Friday as part of the Excellent Dando Sessions series. In advance of their trip I ask them to give us 5 songs they are listening to this week

Green Day – American Idiot.
The simple reason. It’s apt and without this band we wouldn’t be in a band.

The Offspring – Self Esteem

A big band for us and a huge singalong.

The Clash – Tommy Gun
being selfish here (David) but The Clash are the greatest band to ever come out of Britain.

The Replacements
My favourite ever band. To me the best band in the world. Uncompromising, passionate and just a pure heart on the sleeve anthem.

The Menzingers – After the Party
to us as a band watching these guys at Rebellion made us want to be a better band. This song is probably the last great song I heard. Unbelievable.

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