Hope Show 156 Gabfest 7 Punk Rock 1980

Myself and Michael choose 5 songs each that meant something in our punk rock history tour. Tonight it's 1980 but we have managed to sneak in an extra one from the Clash as their London Calling album was released in the States in February of this year.

Hope Show 148 – the lowdown, Ed Wenn

Tonight’s show is one with a difference. I get to share some stories with Ed Wenn from Dealing With Damage. We each pick a song and then the next one needs to have some connection with the last. One way of publicizing Ed’s latest bands new release on vinyl. Their excellent album from last year which was originally on cd and download only is being made available soon from Little Rocket Records on vinyl.

Play of the day – Recutting the crap

Play of the day - Various artists  Recutting the crap volume II The future was unwritten  Crooked beat records The first iteration of this record completely passed me by. Crooked beat records have decided to show some love for a much loved band but have picked their least popular era. That in itself is a … Continue reading Play of the day – Recutting the crap

Thursday Tunes: Control

First punk rock gig of the year is on Saturday in the Thomas House where Control play with Hooligan. This gig is rescheduled from December 1 - Johnny Cash - Hurt https://youtu.be/vt1Pwfnh5pc 2 - The Clash - Complete Control https://youtu.be/JeTw_p_WglY 3 - Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullaby https://youtu.be/89NjEeHku8o 4 - Dead Kennedys - California Uber … Continue reading Thursday Tunes: Control

Thursday Tunes – The Delinquents

Dundee Punk band The Delinquents are over in Dublin this Friday as part of the Excellent Dando Sessions series. In advance of their trip I ask them to give us 5 songs they are listening to this week Green Day - American Idiot. The simple reason. It's apt and without this band we wouldn't be … Continue reading Thursday Tunes – The Delinquents

Book of the week: Stealing all transmissions; A short history of the clash by Randal Doane

Stealing all transmissions A short history of the clash Randal Doane Pm press https://youtu.be/oGIFublvDes This book came out the year of the last World Cup and it’s been in my like to read since then. My delay was in thinking I know about the clash, love their music and have read tomes about them to … Continue reading Book of the week: Stealing all transmissions; A short history of the clash by Randal Doane