The Bar Stool Preachers are playing Dublin net Thursday, Nov 1. In advance of their gig I wrote to the band asking them to pick this weeks Thursday tunes. I have seen them live before and their ska-infused, street punk inspired songs stay do get you smiling and thinking

Thursday tunes – Bar Stool preachers

So we woke up at midday today, we were in the studio last night writing some new stuff and ended in a rabbit hole that took a late turn. So here are the first 5 tracks we listened to today (3 of us live together if the royal ‘we’ is a little fucking weird…).

System of a Down – Pogo
We’ve had 5 cups of coffee and got nowhere to go. System wrote in such a weird and expressive way that constantly defied the normal conventions of how songs should be structured or flow. True escapism in music. Like a cattle prod to yer frontal lobes.

Pup – If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will.
This just is truth all over. Toronto band, Pup, constantly do a brilliant job of writing relatable, genuine songs. They’re hooky as hell and the dudes vocal agility is pretty impressive.

Touche Amore – Flowers and Music
The album this is from changed my handle on modern music. I don’t know another album in the last 10 years that’s as heartfelt as ‘Stage Four’. A lyrical theme throughout the entire work is about his mum’s cancer, and he tears his heart out and presents it to you on a fucking silver plate.

Wu-Tang Clan – Bring Da Ruckus
Continuing in a theme of songs/artists that didn’t give a fuck about the ‘normal’ music requirements and went out and took the world on for themselves. Wu-Tang Formula can be a blueprint for any start up band/company, but personally, I love the constant unapologetic powerful lyrics and hooks. It’s brain espresso.

Joe Jackson – It’s Different For Girls
A classic. The bass line makes me forget the rest of the world. Perfect antidote for a Red Stripe lobotomy

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