Crass Reflections
Alastair Gordon
Active Distribution

Chances are if you’re reading this blog then you will appreciate Crass. Chances are if you appreciate Crass you will want to read a book that gives some mention the band, especially if it’s published by anarchist imprint Active Distribution and written by a fan.

Alaistar Gordon is a punk scholar. Part of the punk scholars network. I’m happy this network exists. As someone who is closer to sending a kid to college than ever attending one I can draw some comfort that there’s a network of lecturers out there who listen to punk rock. Not only that but proclaim their love for the genre and realize it has changed their lives and helped with their direction.

My college was gig venues so I didn’t get the experience of lectures and analysis. I analyzed the lyric sheets coming home on the bus. That was my classroom. We sat up after gigs drinking tea (yep many a night was spent dissecting the events of the evening over tea and toast) discussing the merits or otherwise of a Martin Forans plight.

Gordon writes this book for academics. They use a different language, sometimes it’s hard to read but again is much prefer they are reflecting on the diy movement that sprung from that first wave of punk than most other topics.


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