So we’ve come to the end of an emotional year. For me it ends with Strummer anniversary remembrance gig on Saturday with Trouble Pilgrims, El Clash Combo and Dubtones. Clashjamwallop were down for this gig at one stage but they are unfortunately no more so El Clash Combo have stepped into the breach! El Clash Combo are fronted by Bokker ex Side FX from late ‘70s & Dave Doran on guitar. Should be a great night and all in aid of Fr Peter McVerry Trust.

2 gigs you may want to go and see Grit play with the Sultans on the 28th or the Vulpynes on the same night in the Underground, or even the Outcasts to end the year off in a punk fashion. Have a great Christmas season and keep looking out for live music when you can

This week(or so)’s gigs

Hudson Taylor – Whelans, Dec 17 – 21
Amistat – Whelans Upstarsr, Dec 18
David Long – Whelans Upstairs, Dec 19
Ash – Academy, Dec 19
The Jam’d – Tramline, Dec 19
Elaine Malone, Yenkee & Saint Caoilian – Bello Bar, Dec 19
Cheif Keegan – Whelans, Dec 20
Wasps, Strawberry Stew, Patriot Ghosts, Grandads Infected Fudge – Fibbers, Dec 21
Badhands, Shrug Life, FONDA – Drop Dead Twice, Dec 21
Fontaines DC – Button Factory, Dec 21
Sounds of Change: MASI/Right to Work Christmas Fundraiser! – Workmans Club, Dec 21
Wasps, Strawberry Stew, Patriot Ghosts, Grandads Infected Fudge – Fibbers, Dec 21
Squarehead & Shifting – Drop Dead twice, Dec 21
Strummer tribute night with EL Clash Combo, Trouble Pilgrims, The Dubtones – Grand Social, Dec 22
Made of Stone – Whelans, Dec 26
Paddy casey – Whelans, Dec 27
The sultans, Grit – Drop Dead Twice, Dec 28
Vulpynes – Underground, Dec 28
The outcasts – black pitts, snubbed – drop dead twice, Dec 29
Mundy – Whelans, Dec 29
Makings, The Villa – Grand Social, Dec 29
Something Happens – Whelans, Dec 30
Open Ear // Dublin – Christmas Party with LIVE:Cignol // Tuuun // T-Woc and
DJ: JK Rollin // Sias // Eliza // Cathy Flynn // Vicky Langan // Noid the Droid // Karla Healion – Sound House, Dec 30
B!tch Falcon / The Altered Hours / Havvk – Workmans Club, Dec 31

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