The club
Christy OConnor
Penguin books

There’s a small select few that will read this book and recognize their actions being written about. The people who miss weddings because the team they manage have an “important” game on the same day. The team whose players may not even turn up on the day but the club has a draw on some that can’t be explained. It’s just a feeling.

The club in question here is Clare hurling team st Joseph’s doora-barefield and the sport is hurling. I like to think hurling managers and competitors are a breed apart, a bit madder than the rest but in reality we’re not. We are as mad as the rest of that elite. Club is life for many.

O’Connors take of a season with some history intertwined isn’t really that important. The team and the year are irrelevant but the tale of the people are what’s important. As a community prepares for their sporting battle for some it’s all consuming, for others it’s mad. We are mad, and it’s captured perfectly here.

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