Neurot recordings

Deafkids are coming to Dublin tomorrow. This gig promises to be an aural assault the likes of which we haven’t seen for a long long time. It is industrial noise with a punk/metal feel. Brazilian in a way Bolisinaro wishes doesn’t exist this is aggressive, much like those amazonian rainforest fires that are hard to stop. It is an incredible blast to your ears but deep down there’s a percussive feel that helps you immerse yourself into the sound.

Deafkids, in something of a reaction to the way the world is turning announced earlier this year “We must unite and resist against the violent symbols of oppression, including what’s imprinted on our own self, that must be daily sacrificed. Do not allow yourself to be programmed.” Listening to this record is a starting point. Don’t accept music as just being three chords and the truth there can be a whole lot more to it

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