5 steps to a winning mindset
What sport can teach us about great leadership
Damian Hughes
MacMillan Press

5 S.T.E.P.S

Emotional intelligence
Story telling

For anything to change someone needs to start acting differently. Leaders bring out the most in their team. Like the all blacks mottos “pass the jersey on in a better state than you got it.”

I enjoy listening to books like this. Audio books are a strange phenomenon, for me the beauty in books is the act of taking it out, turning the page, looking to see where you are in the book, how is this chapter progressing? But with audio most of those answers aren’t readily available. It’s not suspenseful it’s off putting for me. However when the book is a self help guide it’s a different matter. I’ve been listening to this on my daily journey to and from work. A time normally reserved for thinking. It’s been positive though. As I contemplate the challenge each day is about to bring I have started to think what do I wish the outcome to be? You’ve a potentially awkward meeting ahead, what do you want out of it? You’ve a mountain of work on your desk, what really needs to be done initially. It’s like writing out your list and getting through it. Hughes can help you through it

Rate where you are on a scale of 1-10
What is the problem, why not 10?
How long have you had this problem
Where does the fault lie
Who is to blame the most
What’s your worst experience of it
Why haven’t you solved it

Rate where you are on a scale of 1-10
What do you want instead of this problem
How will you know you’ve got this
What else will improve as a result
What resources do you already have to help
What’s similar you have already achieved
What’s the first step

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