Play of the day – lankum 

Between earth and sky

Rough trade

“Overnight” sensations lankum released this double album nearly 2 years ago. overnight in this context means a band that have been grafting away for over 20 years, traveling and playing first as a two piece (lynched) on the edge of punk festivals. In anticipation of the new album coming out this week I’m revisiting Between earth and sky.

None of the politics of the punk movement they were on the edge of has gone missing here. This is a record speaking out on behalf of anti fascists and minorites searching for some form of equality. Whatever that equality may mean in today’s world is questionable but lankum are in the side of those seeking a better world. 

They espouse an Irish culture of inclusion. Not afraid of our history or our belonging but not one of. Superiority over anything. This double album features 9 songs that drone and drift in a traditional Irish manner. No Irish dancing or celidh shenanigans here. Slow, melancholic works that plead for us to look to our past to help protect everyone future. 

I remember those punk festivals and am so proud when I see lankum selling out venues like vicar street in dublin and having their music heard by many outside our bubble. They richly deserve it and whilst the music has no connection with any punk sound they win over old punks like me every time.

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