Play of the day – Moral Mazes

With a back catalog of bands such as Kerosene 454, Channels, Office of Future Plans, Jawbox, Burning Airlines, The Bomb, Airstream Futures and Amusement Parks on Fire this was always bound to be a perfect guitar driven sound

Play of the Day: Dark Thoughts

Dark ThoughtsMust Be NiceDrunken Sailor Records How come this wasn't on everyone's best of end of year lists for last year? Well because it was released in December 2019 and so missed that one too. I saw them a couple of years ago and was blown away by their Ramones like sound. I'm lucky, I … Continue reading Play of the Day: Dark Thoughts

Play of the day – Satan’s Rats

With a name like Satan’s Rats you may be expecting some d-beat offering with vocals gruffly exploding through your speaker. This is not the case here as they are power pop gems from a fresh era.