This weeks tunes comes courtesy of Duncan Reid who is bringing his big head band over to play some power pop for you this weekend.

1. Starcrawler: No more Pennies

Old music is good of course but I get the most excitement out of discovering something new and great. Especially if the band is young since myself and modern music seem to have diverged lately. This is new and great. Guitar music from Starcrawler of LA. Apparently they are superb live and I can believe it. This is the most melodic track from a brilliant LP and I hope I can catch them soon.

2. Potty Mouth: Starry Eyes.

Another young LA band I believe. A beautiful song with another wonderful female lead vocal. I discovered them recently. Maybe I should move to LA. There seems to be a lot of good things happening there that include guitars and drums!

3. Five Grand Stereo: Anyone Can be a Star

You probably know a lot more about this band than I do. All I know is that they are Anglo Irish (I think) with a big Dublin presence. This is the song I have played the most over the last 3 months. I never get tired of it and the whole album is superb.

4. Janus Stark: Every little Thing Counts

A great slice of Pop Punk. Big guitars and shouty but melodic vocals. What more do you want?

5. Flying Colours: Love Letter

This band seem to made up of a bunch of hoary old prog rockers and in the main play a pile of long winded old trollop. And then in the middle of it all is this masterpiece which Cheap Trick in their pomp would have been proud of. I’m not sure what happened but there it is. A masterpiece.

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