Hope Show 133 – the Playlist

This weeks Hope Show – available here

1. The Make-Up – White Belts
2. Ancient Patient – Talking Knives
3. Airstream Futures – Cemetary Sparrow
4. The Julie Ruin – Time Is Up
5. tetema – Wait Till Morning
6. The X-Ray Eyes – I Want You Around
7. Life Hacks – Not With A Bang
8. The Lot – Guns of Brixton (Drunk Depressed and Desperate)
9. Raw Poo – Friday Night
10. Joe Solo and Commoners Choir – We SHall Overcome
11. New Model Army – Burn The Castle
12. The Exhaust – Book of Revelation
13. Windy and Carl – Will I See The Dawn
14. Chewing On TInfoil – Just Like Me
15. Antidoto – Romper Espana
16. Commoners Choir – The Skelmanthorpe Flag Song

Hope show 133 – the lowdown

I’m starting off this week celebrating the fact that the make-Up are back touring again. They’ve announced a couple of US dates and who knows, maybe that will be extended further afield over the next while

Ancient Patient are from Fermanagh and I know little else about them. You can hear some more of their music here

Airstream Futures are a four piece punk band from Chicago. They have a new record out now on little rocket records. It’s the bands second album and is a lovely collection of rocking punky songs

The Julie Ruin are from Brooklyn and with the news that Bikini Kill are reforming for some sold out gigs I decided to root out some of the band members associated act, whose Hit reset album cam out in 2016

tetema is the brainchild of Mike Patton and Anthony Pateras. Their new album is out next month on Ipecac recordings. The duo have been working on and off on this electro acoustic record and it a real labour of love

The X-Ray Eyes are a punk band from a garage in leeds. i saw them a couple of years ago and still thrill at the garagey joy they brought

Like most of the best bands Life Hacks are a three piece. No they are not the minutemen (far from it) but their surf funk sound is worth a few minutes of your time

The Lot are a straight forward punk band from Philadelphia. I must admit I wasn’t rushing out to listen to their Drunk, Depressed and Desperate record but that was my loss. 13 punk rock’n’roll songs

Raw Poo from London have a version of street punk that really is of the streets, almost the gutters or sewers. In your face and very happy with that. It’s snotty and they don’t care

Joe Solo, I have spoken about so many times in the past. he wants the world to change and will overcome whatever is necessary to make it so. He has a duo with Commoners Choir (more on them later)

New Model Army have announced a few novel shows later in the year as part of their 4 decades playing music. They are doing some 5 hour sets over a 2 night period. They have such a huge back catalogue it will be a problem trying to narrow it down to 5 hours.

Exhaust are from Canada and have a lot of interestingly beautiful music on the eclectic Constellation records label

Do an internet search for Chewing on tinfoil and most of the results will be for sold out Dublin shows. the band are a diy underground phenomenon in the city. their gigs are a glorious raucous mess and are a joy to behold.

I played jodie faster a couple of times lately and the french band are close to being taken over by the Spanish protest sound of antidoto. raw, fast and aggressive. What’s not to like?

As the antidote to Spanish Protest punk I finish tonight with the 70 piece Commoners Choir from Yorkshire. Just as much passion and energy as any punk explosion and a dream that this world be a better place. For all

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