Three releases coming soon on Kibou – available NOW for pre-order. These 3 are all raging full on classic releases.

Rukous are a Finish hardcore band. A sound ragingnthrough your speakers, each of the ten songs throw you against the wall and just as you crawl down for air they explode again. With inner collage art reminiscent of Winston Smith Dead kennedys style this collaboration with Cimex is some assault.

Hazard Profile are a new 5 pieceUK punk band with members from CHAOS UK, THE DOMESTICS, FUK, PI$$ER,WANKYS, TOKYO LUNGS, KÖRD VÄRLD, BRING THE DRONES, FERAL STATE, KITTIE SHITTER, UNICORN FART SUGAR and more. Their Slim &” gives a nod to technocrats and their link to the arms race. It’s a hark back to those political punk days when bands spoke about companies manufacturing weapons. They spit out that nothing fucking matters at the end of the record but the truth is it does. It all does. And so do Hazard Profile. This a split between KIBOU RECORDS (UK) / SANCTUS PROPAGANDA RECORDS (POLAND) / SICK WORLD RECORDS (NEW ZEALAND) / URINAL VINYL RECORDS (UK)

Tokyo Lungs have the same singer as Hazard Profile (James Domestic). This album carries the anger and rage of HP but the 24 songs are more a straight forward blistering assault. It’s a follow on from their recent 7″ and is anti-social pissed off music for a legion of people sitting at home waiting to rage.

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