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  1. Hagar The Womb – Visible Woman
  2. Hazard Profile – No Vision
  3. Rukous – Valhaiden Padot
  4. Tokyo Lungs – Rat Cage
  5. Laura Jane Grace – Mountain Song
  6. Soulside – Madeline Said
  7. Sympos – Up To Speed
  8. Vulpynes – This Motor Is Me
  9. Sect – Domestic
  10. Abolitionist – Deep Ecology
  11. Special Branch – Hiring Fair
  12. The phobics – Gentrification
  13. Anna’s Anchor – Shannon Bridge
  14. The Winter Passing – Melt
  15. Poison Girls – Person Unknown
  16. The Casket Lottery – Sisyphus Blues
  17. Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medecine – Strength thru Shopping
  18. The Beverley Kills – Wreck Me Not
  19. Pi$$er – Funk Wasps
  20. Tokyo Lungs – Everything You Hate Is…

I picked up the latest Loud Women compilation I love these comps. 22 of the best Loud Women on the planet” is what it says on the tin. I certaibnly weouldn’t argue with that. Great songs right throughout, including Hagar The Womb.

Kibou Record has three releases coming up. They are all raging full on tp varying degrees. All collaborative efforts with different labels. True punk rock explosions of power. Hazard Profile first, then Rukous from Finland and finally Tokyo Lungs from their Soul Music album, all 37 seconds of Rat Cage. Check out the releases here

Laura Jane Grace is the songer frpm Against Me. The band were planning on bringin out al album last year but pandemic poured cold water on those plans so Laura decided to record the album solo, stripped bare.

I played the other side of the Soulside 7″ last week. This record came out after their recent European jaunt which isn’t really that recent considering it was 18 months ago. Little has happened in live music since but there are s[rings of hope starting to appear

Sympos are from Ireland. They have a 10″ availbale to order from Advanced records. Advance are doing some really interesting stuff these days, including thuis snotty punk rock.

The Loud Women compilation has reached across to Ireland and has the Vulpynes on it. This is the Irish Two-piece’s song from the aforementioned compilation

We step up the noise level with US hardcore band Sect with their vile hardcore sound from the Domestic record

I picked up Special Branch’s cassette on download during the week. Irish hardcore (i think the second 2-piece we’ve played tonight). This is from that

The Phobics are a great little punk rock’n’roll band with a 1978 feel. Gentrification is from their Burnt Rubber album from last year.

Limerick has many good things and one of these is their rich music scene. Annas Anchor released their Glorious Ruction album this week and it is that indeed.

The Winter Passing are from county neighbours (Tipperary) with some relocation to Ireland’s Capital dublin. their album came out last year and they roped in Stu Daly from Chewing on Tinfoil to sing on this too.

Poison Girls are a staple I return to time and time again – Persons Unkown was an inspiration for me when I heard it first. Clever, acerbic and so so good.

Wiretap is an interesting label from ?? I picked up this comp during the week. It rocks in a different way to Kibou from earlier but still they all have a place. Casket Lottery are on the latest comp.

In case you thought I was going soft I’ve moved on the Jello and his Guntanamo School of Medicine next. From the punks against sweatshops comp and in Ireland the shops may be closed but we still can shop and need to do so sustainably.

I’m going through a lot of comps tonight. This one is from the Scary Clown Presents album which features over 20 UK punk bands who played Scary Clown gigs. Beverley Kills are one of the bands on it.

There’s people from Pi$$er in Tokyo Lungs so i’m finishing off with a couple of tracks from that gang.

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