Thursday Tunes – Beak

Beak played in Dublin’s button factory a couple of weeks ago and just before they mesmerized the sold out audience with their electronic noise I asked them to pick 5 songs for you for Thursday tunes 1) Lankum ‘The Livelong Day’ 2) This Heat ‘Deceit’ 3) James Holden ‘The Inheritors’ 4) King Tubby … Continue reading Thursday Tunes – Beak

This Weeks Gigs – Feb 3 – 9

This weeks Dublin gigs 2 great gigs on Saturday - Jinx Lennon and the punk night in Drop Dead with No Collusion, Pink Wonder, Witch Trials and Nxbodies . Jinx's new album is out in April BORDER SCHIZO FFFOLK SONGS FOR THE FUC**D and a tour of the same name thanks is on the horizon. … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs – Feb 3 – 9