This weeks Dublin gigs

2 great gigs on Saturday – Jinx Lennon and the punk night in Drop Dead with No Collusion, Pink Wonder, Witch Trials and Nxbodies . Jinx’s new album is out in April BORDER SCHIZO FFFOLK SONGS FOR THE FUC**D and a tour of the same name thanks is on the horizon. On Friday we have the sonic electronic sound of Beak and then Sunday it’s Algiers – a princely rush of nick cave, gospel blues and post punk

The Local Honeys – Whelans, feb 4
Villiers and the Villians – Whelans, Feb 5
Slow Readers Club – Button Factory, Feb 5
Sun Shakers – Whelans Upstairs, Feb 5
Yonaka – Grand Social, Feb 6
Beak – Button Factory, Feb 6
Kenan Flannery – The Sound House, Feb 6
Bedlam Suitcase – Sugar Club, Feb 6
Hundreth – Fibbers, Feb 7
Polyphia – Grand Social, Feb 7 + 8
Harry Handshake Acoustic Night – Workmans Club, Feb 7
Fruitz – Whelans, feb 7
No Collusion, Pink Wonder, Witch Trials, Nxbodies – Drop Dead twice, Feb 7
Jinx Lennon, The Deadlians – Soundhouse, Feb 7
Algiers – Whelans, Feb 8
Bri – Soundhouse, Feb 8
Sandy (Alex G) – Button Factory, Feb 8

A list of all upcoming gigs is available here

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