Play of the day is Me not T rex

Giant ElkMe RexBig Scary Monsters It's a bit folk, a bit indie and a bit post rock. ME Rex have just released a new 11 track album. Slow Worm opens it all up with an acoustic introduction but before long Infinity Worm pops it back into shape. Nice harmonies and plenty of lo-fi promise. Me … Continue reading Play of the day is Me not T rex

Thursday Tunes – Happy Accidents

I like a good pop song. Even better with some heartfelt lyrics, and maybe some added noise. Happy Accidents fit that bill so in advance of their gig tomorrow with Tiny Moving Parts in Workmans Club I've asked them to do this weeks Thursday Tunes Masterpiece - Big Thief Anxious Type - Shit Present … Continue reading Thursday Tunes – Happy Accidents

This Weeks Gigs: Oct 8 -14

Three big gigs this week - Australian celtic Punk band, the Runjacks are in Whelans with BlackPitts and the Dando Sessions continue with the Zips and Snubbed in Fibbers. Friday also sees Tiny Moving parts play with the excellent noisy pop Happy Accidents in the Workmans Club This Weeks Gigs in Dublin ANTHONY D’AMATO … Continue reading This Weeks Gigs: Oct 8 -14