Giant Elk
Me Rex
Big Scary Monsters

It’s a bit folk, a bit indie and a bit post rock. ME Rex have just released a new 11 track album. Slow Worm opens it all up with an acoustic introduction but before long Infinity Worm pops it back into shape. Nice harmonies and plenty of lo-fi promise.

Me Rex is the brainchild of Londoner Myles McCabe but he has been bolstered by the addition of Rich and Phoebe from Happy Accidents turning it from a project into a band. This record is conceptual in its nature with a story of “continual fracturing and regeneration, illustrating the process of growing through loss and grief, set against the backdrop of societal and climate collapse”

The songs carry an indie feel throughout but in general they just want to absorb you, let you feel them and smile with them. A lovely listen

Rich and Phoebe from ME Rex are also in the poptastic Happy Accidents


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