Play of the Day Lockdown Los Fastidios

While the world was pretty much in lockdown as nature was taking some revenge on humanity people were finding different ways to keep creative. Los fastidios broke the boredom by setting up their own lockdown show, here is their medley of lockdown tunes.

Rebellion top 5’s pt 1

Top 5 moments from Rebellion 2012 The anti-fascist sing songs from Los Fastidios, the Filaments and Hard Skin - whilst it may have been less prevalent than in recent years there is still a small number of people who believe themselves to be superior due to the colour of their skin. This year there was … Continue reading Rebellion top 5’s pt 1

Still rebellion – day 2

After the late end to last night rejoicing the wonder of the buzzcocks I had to pace myself a bit better today. I also had to get to Bloomfield road to score my ticket for evertons trip to Blackpool on Sunday. I got back in time to see John robb talking to Tom hingley. Tom … Continue reading Still rebellion – day 2