Los Fastidos
From Lockdown to the world
Kob Records

So people have dealt with self confined containment in so many different ways. While the world was pretty much in lockdown as nature was taking some revenge on humanity people were finding different ways to keep creative. Careers were decimated as those in the music industry (or even those who wanted to be on the outside of ‘industry’ but whose life was playing music) clung on to the hope that gigs, recording and even rehearsals would appear on the horizon.

That horizon still exists as some edge closer to it. Many bands and musicians did their own lockdown gigs. Initially for bands they felt this was a bump on the road but that bump is still there for so many.

Los fastidios broke the boredom by setting up their own lockdown shows with band members (well the ones that weren’t getting married to each other) in their own homes recording their own pieces. Over the weeks an idea germinated for the band to do their own acoustic album. Sure artists needs to create. The urge doesn’t stop because the world around them seems to grind to a halt.

Here is their medley of Lockdown tunes. All songs acoustic and recorded in the musicians own homes. As they say themselves every note was Played and sung with heart which can’t be questioned.

Surprisingly the sound is excellent considering the rough nature of the recordings on to smart phones but it is a gentle version of Los Fastidios skanking punk sound. The band are all about energy and while that energy is trying to emerge on the record it is difficult to capture it acoustically on songs that were written to get you moving in the dance floor.

A definite for completists but not one for introducing yourself to this great band.


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