Dealing With Damage – Interview

The UK is full of so many good bands at the moment. Like Ireland it is an island full of so many people bringing out their own records and not worrying about signing record deals or careers in the music industry.  One such band is Dealing With Damage.  Their pedigree is enough to get you … Continue reading Dealing With Damage – Interview

A celebration of DIY -Dublin October 8+9

Hope Collective are proud to be part of the Dublin DIY Festival taking place next month.   Having come together last year for a night of punk rock and hip-hop, The Hope Collective have once more joined forces with State Magazine and are proud to present an all ages day long event in Dublin Workman's Club, supporting Oxjam Ireland's work … Continue reading A celebration of DIY -Dublin October 8+9

Sink, Stigmatamartyr, AIM – Dublin 1991

  Sept 28 1991 Sink, Stigmatamartyr, AIM Charlie's Bar Sink came over to Ireland for a week's holiday and stayed in (what my brother kindly called) Gracepark Dump (i.e. my bedsit). They were refreshing. They took their music from country, hardcore and pop, which made a change. Considering that they featured a member of the … Continue reading Sink, Stigmatamartyr, AIM – Dublin 1991