Sept 28 1991

Sink, Stigmatamartyr, AIM

Charlie’s Bar

Sink came over to Ireland for a week’s holiday and stayed in (what my brother kindly called) Gracepark Dump (i.e. my bedsit). They were refreshing.

They took their music from country, hardcore and pop, which made a change. Considering that they featured a member of the band The Stupids, who were a full-on fast hardcore band, it was a  challenge to the crowd.

The Charlie’s gig had a good attendance and Sink were one of the most appreciative of bands. They played Bolton Street, Cork, Belfast and Charlie’s as well as a lot of football in the park near my house. I often look back over the times we put on gigs and people ask which are my favourites.  Ones that really stand out are those that had nice people.  Sink were on of the nicest bands, pleasant and easy to deal with.  It was a pleasure to see them and a pleasure to make their acquaintance


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