Play of the day the sands aren’t shifting

Quicksand have returned to our record stores and turntables A swift 4 years after their first album in 22 years. With a gatefold album full of colourful artwork Distant Populations is a continuation of that post metal post hardcore sound the band are famous for. It stops it starts, the guitars sway and make layers of sound. Walter's vocals are layered too and it helps with the overall feel. This is a band still on top of their game 31 years after they first chugged onto our radar.

Quicksand Irish tour 1991

Feb 24 1991 Quicksand Bolton St Feb 24 1991 Quicksand, Sloth Charlie's Feb 25 1991 Quicksand, Skin Horses, Afflicted Grattan   Christy Colcord in England was a contact for many American bands who wanted to tour Europe. She heard about what we were doing through a friend of hers in Belfast and rang to ask … Continue reading Quicksand Irish tour 1991