Distant Populations

Quicksand have returned to our record stores and turntables A swift 4 years after their first album in 22 years. With a gatefold album full of colourful artwork Distant Populations is a continuation of that post metal post hardcore sound the band are famous for. It stops it starts, the guitars sway and make layers of sound. Walter’s vocals are layered too and it helps with the overall feel. This is a band still on top of their game 31 years after they first chugged onto our radar.

The 3 members have never drifted far from the New York hardcore and Punk scene and the name of the album is taken from a line in NYC’s crust punks Nausea. Like all good plagiarisms it was taken up incorrectly but that’s not the point. THe fact that they did it and admit it shows where their hearts lie. The theme of the record takes our contradictions from the past year. It is a reflection of where Walter feels we are as a society. We may be in the same room but our presence is elsewhere. Is this what we have evolved into.

Whenever Quicksand play live you can not but be in the room with the band. it may be with eyes closed as you sway along to the sounds. It may be of dreaming of those CBGB days or the bands as kids playing in Dublins Bolton Street but this is a band who have evolved with a sound that hasn’t changed a whole heap. 4 years after their return with Interiors this is a more rounded mature record. It ebbs and flows like any Quicksand but the power and reflection is key here.

Welcome back once more


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