Positive Creed *23


These keep coming thick and fast. For anyone to do more than 2 zines in 12 calendar months is a huge achievement. Positive creed is regular as you can be when you are doing it all yourself. Basic enough Interviews with the vibrators, cockney rejects and Chokin’ Susan are supplemented by more wordy efforts from cub sports (know them? me neither) and a very interesting one with ex doorman and martial arts instructor Geoff Thompson. Geoff has written a book about his world and rob views him interesting enough to include in his zine which is good enough for me.

Some opinion pieces and a page on why to boycott tescos along with reviews is proper reason for you to read this. If you want of course.

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Suspect Device *55

Suspect device * 55
SD55 cover

So it’s been around for 55 issues and says fuck the mainstream in the front cover. The rest I could leave up to you but I won’t. Tony and fax have the same straightforward style since issue 1 and they aren’t gonna change now. Why should they? It’s not broke, it doesn’t need fixing. Interviews as fans with night birds, anti pasti, no statik, the live triangle. Reviews as fans of many boss tuneage records and columns written as people. People who live punk rock but think there’s something wrong with society that views an economy more important than its people

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