Hope Show 27

Government Issue - Where You Live Great St Louis - RedEye Airfix Kits - Playing Both Sides Hard Skin - Sausage Man The Evens - Timothy Wright Deathfix - Hospital Fugazi - Dear Justice Letter Channels - MayDay Southport - Days Like These, Kings Snuff - Too Late Good Luck - Novel Figure No Choice … Continue reading Hope Show 27

the written word keeps printing

Loserdom *23 I love reading Loseredom, its like having a chat with Anto. Each zine gives you and update on his life, the music he’s listening to and the travels he has been up to. Himself and Eugene have offered up a personal touch since their first offering in 1996. This issue is no different. … Continue reading the written word keeps printing

Hope show Number 12

A new show has just gone up. I've gone international in ecognition of workers rights around the globe. De Kift from Netherlands complement Against Me, Screeching Weasel, Henry Rollins and Kimya Dawson from the States. UK is represented by Brightons Cat on Form, Cardiff's Four Letter Word, Sunderlands Leatherface, Bristols Discharge, Caernarfons Anhrefn and Barkings … Continue reading Hope show Number 12

Othered voices

othered voices (http://farcryproductions.weebly.com/) is a wonderful idea. Brought to people as part of temple bar trad fest it is a left field look at the city and the part we play in todays society. Tonights gathering of 50 people in a small room on Ormond Quay was a treat. Councillor Mannix Flynn is the curator … Continue reading Othered voices

Happy Valley anyone?

The whole HMV saga has been interestng hasn't it? I have bought very little in HMV down through the years as I viewed them as the evil big brother. Trying to pofit fomr our scene but ready to trample on it should an alternative way of making money be found. It all stems from Chumbawamba … Continue reading Happy Valley anyone?

Everybody’s On Top of the Pops….except the people not on it!

One of the most interesting things about the TOTP documentary was talk of the Clash and their notorious boycott of the show. They refused to appear and I am sure their record sales suffered to some extent. BBC had their revenge though…and put their troupe of dancers on screen to cavort to Bank Robber when … Continue reading Everybody’s On Top of the Pops….except the people not on it!

Everybody’s On Top of the Pops – The Rezillos

In 1978 two songs (there may have been more) that mentioned Top of the Pops were performed on Top of the Pops. Producer Robin Nash said it was nice to be remembered even if it was irony. Dublin band the Boomtown Rats located their song ‘Rat Trap’ in their native city, where watching Top of … Continue reading Everybody’s On Top of the Pops – The Rezillos

Music and Politics – Johnny Marr

Music and Politics: Johnny Marr This is a really interesting interview with one of the great guitarists of our time. I always loved how Marr made the guitar sound and how he collaborated with such a variety of acts. I got to see the Smiths a couple of times and was really swept up by … Continue reading Music and Politics – Johnny Marr

Hope Show number 10

New show is streaming live and ready for download. A bit of Geoffrey to start off mixed with classic DC punk rastas Bad Brains, DAn LE Sac gets me dancing across the room with Scroobius Pip. Weakerthans calm things down before Steve Drewett, the neurotics and Attila the stockbroker bring back sweet memories. The Mob … Continue reading Hope Show number 10

Incredible web sites for people who love music.

I was reading about Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark on the Guardian website while eating my breakfast yesterday. In the comments section there was a link to this INCREDIBLE site. It looks like some Irish person has gone to A LOT of trouble to scan in copies of Smash Hits magazine from the 1980s. Most … Continue reading Incredible web sites for people who love music.