The pukes
Too drunk to pluck
hoo ha records


By now you’ve probably heard about the movable feast that is the pukes. Movable in that they can range from 12 to 30 members on any one night depending on who has brought the ukeleles. They mainly do covers of classic punk songs and live they are a sight to behold. This really is punk rock, a group of people up on stage doing what they want and being inclusive.

They have been touring around for a few years now and have finally released their debut album. We have 12 songs with covers of songs by the likes of Dead Kennedys, ramones, The business and wire. There is a drum and bass beat providing the rhythm but the rest are all ukeleles and vocals so it’s not the agressive in your face sound we associate with such songs. The fact that the pukes are predominately female is a real bonus in the boys club that can be punk rock. All these originals were originally sung by men and are given a sex change.

Too drunk to pluck represents fun and freshness never heard on cd’s. This is the future of punk rock, grab your uke and get plucking


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