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Caves are one of a number of great uk hardcore bands doing the rounds these days. Ironically In the disposable era of music it is hard for any scene to flourish. In times gone by we would be writing to each other and using word of mouth to clump bands together. “Oh you like snuff, have a listen to leatherface”, we would have assisted each other. Now you can find out for yourself at the click of a button. One click and you’re in Argentina, Another and you’re in Japan, quick click later and you’re back in the UK. Don’t get me wrong, that’s fabulous but it’s vast.

Caves sing emotionally to us with a fast backing beat by here’s some great guitar licks and heavy drums. Lots of singalong parts and these 11 songs are just what you need to brighten up a rain soaked day.  One more click below and you can have a listen yourself.


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