Play of the day: The Pukes

Never mind the buffetThe pukesHoo Ha records The Pukes started as a punk rock ukelele collective. Their early gigs were raucous affairs with as many people on the stage as in the audience at times. They were the epitome of diy. Whether by accident or design the number of people on stage has dwindled … Continue reading Play of the day: The Pukes

The Pukes – Too drunk to pluck

The pukes Too drunk to pluck hoo ha records By now you've probably heard about the movable feast that is the pukes. Movable in that they can range from 12 to 30 members on any one night depending on who has brought the ukeleles. They mainly do covers of classic punk songs and live they … Continue reading The Pukes – Too drunk to pluck

The Pukes – Will I learn

The Pukes Will I Learn 7" Damaged Goods New single from 20 piece Ukelele playing (mainly), female (mainly) Punk Covers band(mainly). In a word riotous. 3 covers and an original here give a great introduction to the madcap ukelele antics of the Pukes. Formed in true punk style as a gang of friends getting together … Continue reading The Pukes – Will I learn