Hope Show 74 The Lowdown

It’s new record time, for the most part tonight. Inca Babies have new album on the way, Blacktop Speedway is from that.

Hands Up WHo Wants to Die have a record out now and bring that bass fuelled sound onto it. I played two songs from their brothers in arms, adebisi shank, last week.

King Champion Sounds made it to my top 10 of 2013 and their new record is coming out next month on Louder than war records.

Down and outs didn’t make my top 10 but their Lifeline album from last year is a pretty solid record. Yesterdays Heroes speaks a topic close to my heart. Old school heroes

Obliterations bring a refreshing old school hardcore feel into proceedings. their new record is coing out on Southern Lord, a label that’s prolifically becoming very prolific.

System of Hate are from Barnsley, not too far from Liverpools Down and puts but a few thousand miles from obliterations. Ashes of divinity is from their new record.

Molarbear are from up the road (figuratively speaking of course) in Belfast. This is a new track from them.

Cold Blue Mountain are from Chico. I love their website blurb “Listen to us. Cowards”. They scream, their have beards and they’ve an album out on October 7

Question The Mark are from South Wales and released their Smoke Signals ep in 2012. But you missed it then!!

Their mates are Bear Trade who are amazing. I keep telling you that though, someday you will listen. This album came out in May this year, you’ve gotta hear it. Coward!

More mates together are Epic Problem who I’ve also trying to get you to listen to. Maybe now you will, read my review of them here

Former Cell Mates are one of the leading lights for the previous three bands. A great English Sound and an acoustic track to calm it all down

Keeping it acoustic is Andrew Judah from Montreal, he has a new album out, it’s nice. This is from that

Howler is a self proclaimed indie band from Minneapolis, home of Arcwelder. Wonder if they know each other? Anyway they’ve a new single on Rough Trade.

Another band bringing out a new record coming out is Flies on you , this is a taster of what to expect. Have to say I don’t know who Katie Hopkins is though.

I didn’t know who Purple were until I came across their new single target out now on Play It again Sam records. It’s a pretty cool song too.

One very cool band were the great leap Forward, arising from the hot ashes of the amazing Big Flame, Great leap forward were ignorant of the music biz but put out two great 12″s This was on one of them

Gangs are from Dublin and it is good to see reekus records continuing to bring out good music. Some nice mod inspired sounds here.

Pardon Us are from Liverpool and feature some one from Down and Outs as far as I know (or should that be AFAIK?). Anyway I’ve just noticed that these, Bear trade, Down and Outs all played in Liverpool with Stay Clean Jolene last month. What a night that must have been

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