Goober Patrol / 7 Day Conspiracy
Fixing a hole records


Goober Patrol are from Norwich and have been brandishing their high tempo ska pop punk sound for many years now.

7 Day Conspiracy are from Sittingbourne, which Wikipedia tells me is near Kent. 200 Km down the east coast from Norwich, but they have cast their geographical differences aside for this split record.

Goober win 5-4 on the number of songs scored but it’s a close win for the 7 Day lads when it comes down to getting you to sing along to cuss words. Since getting this I have had to keep my head down after realsing I was singing at the top of my voice to “You’re a fawkxxg cxxt” when cycling home from work. Not great when you’re stuck at traffic lights. Also not great when Goober Patrol take it to the fairground and start calling people wanxxr. Anyway, my public safety aside you’re getting 5 songs of fast paced ska punk from Norwich to complement 4 snuff type punk songs from Kent.

Good sing along stuff, in a great package.


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