Deep Cuts in all the Wrong Places


Chester hardcore band have produced 5 songs in 7 minutes, not to be confused with the Dublin noise band with the extra s at the end. Actually some internet research has shown up a long list of bands around the word Wound.

It commences with the track about Austerity. The slash and burn Government policy means this has no words. You can make your own up for this instrumental. My version is simply “we can’t take no more”.

My kids recently went on a journey to a bog as part of an educational school trip. The ost educational thing they learned was to bring a spare set of clothes as they sunk deeper and deeper in to the grime under neth the surface. Wound are a bit like that. D Beat and fast guitars before the shock and awe of a voice deep from the depths of this bog. It can’t get much lower can it? Musically it’s heavy as the clothes caked in mud as they exclaim that “This world is not for sale”. And rightly so.


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