Back To School
Reekus Records

The term back to school resonates with me nopt more but equally comparable to most parents of children age between 5 and 17. Of course for us it’s a bout financial issues and lunchboxes and schoolbooks. Gangs aren’t getting at that but I still have that struggle.

“Try and spend all your life dreaming” they exclaim during Back To School, as I dream of a better world for me and my children. It evokes memories of Blades singing Downmarket. Clean mod sound with echoey vocals.

Each of the 4 tracks carry that “could have been written by Paul Cleary” guitar sound. Back to school is downmarket but it gets more pop with the loving overtones of Daisy. Poison IN Your Liffey Blood takes on a more serious tone as it talks about the bands hometown of Dublin. A town riddled with hypocricy, poverty, trouble and inspiration. Heartening to see that a group of teenagers have no qualms about dealing with the land of their birth so openly. Much like Paul Cleary and indeed Paul Weller could do.

Finally you get Young Employment with its jam, blades and beatles mix. Clean and refreshing


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