Slice of life

Here we have Steve Ignorant of Crass with an interesting piece of theatre. And by interesting I don’t mean crap/self indulgent. This is raw emotion with a lush background of keyboard, acoustic guitar and bass from a cracking backing band including beautiful male female harmonies.

It’s a reminder that Crass’s gift was to inject punk with a healthy [over]dose of sixties subversive theatre.
Instead of Crass black this is a white workingman’s shirt with boots and braces show, it reminds me of Yoko Ono’s primal screaming. A good reminder that the counter culture of the sixties didn’t end in a full stop.

There’s no middle ground here, take is love-it-or-hate-it no prisoners raw theatre. Ignorant performs as a deranged 1930s [hard]workman. And Ireland’s own hardest working man in punk, P.A. Jesu from Paranoid Visions formed a spontaneous choir in the audience during tonight’s performance, proving there is no barrier between artist and audience.

Ignorant was a true anti-star and tonight he spoke of Las Vegas but this was Blackpool vaudeville with the ghosts of the men and women who were never given their own show, their slice of the spotlight.

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