Matilda’s Scoundrels

Celtic punk is alive and well and full of energy…..that makes me realise just long ago I first saw the Pogues opening for the Shillelagh Sisters in Camden’s Irish Centre.
I am old, and that’s OK… the t-shirt says: ‘I’m Old But I Got to See All The Good Bands’ well almost most of them.

Matilda’s Scoundrels are a six-piece including mandolin, banjo and accordion. I still think that Celtic Punk brings a great sense of colour and diversity to the punk scene. The singer had a gravelly maritime voice; think Slade’s Noddy Holder after spending a decade on a pirate ship.
The band played sea shanties for the Blackpool rockers and announced a new album coming out on September 8.

If you like the idea of a more grizzled The Men They Couldn’t Hang high on the high seas or shipwrecked off the coast of Newfoundland, the Scoundrels are the band for you.


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