The Membranes and the choir

Just when you think that it’s all been done, that punk/DIY/independent music can be placed into a nice, neat category alongside comes a ‘happening’ that is inspiring, creative, funny and life-affirming.

I don’t want to say too much about the Membranes and the choir…because if you missed it, well, you really MISSED it.

It was surprising, unexpected, dare I say it, very risky, yet brilliant and funny and original.

This was space rock with a sense of humour. A piece of art and also proof that we humans have an infinity capacity for doing things that inspire other people and bring them joy.

I still have a smile on my face from seeing the Membranes in a big ugly industrial car-park with a modern choir dressed in black who sang in an avant grade style with grins on their faces.

If this is what space is like, if what the future is like…..then sign me up captain.


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