Heavy Drapes

Another band I hadn’t seen before, Heavy Drapes had the ’77 style with shades and Vivienne Westwood DIY designer punk gear.

They also had infectious melodies, the sound that brought sixties dream pop/rock into the punk scene in the first place. The tunefulness and power of bands like the Small Faces, as well as the Kinks and the Who, gave a solid gold foundation for the early wave in ’76/’77 to forge singalong punky pop music. And that’s why Heavy Drapes call to mind bands like the Jam.

The stand out track for me today was ‘Do You Want To Hang Out All Night’ and I suspect that with the right production their records could be well worth checking out.


2 thoughts on “Rebellion 2017 Heavy Drapes

    1. my pleasure, I really enjoyed the set, and can’t wait for more soon. Great to discover such a great band!

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