Thursday tunes

This week we have mostly been listening to

Paranoid visions – Rebellion
Prolific Irish punks have another record out in tribute to the great punk festival that is rebellion. Of course the songs aren’t about the festival, instead they are songs of rage
Get the new record here

Bear Trade
Bleedin’ Heart Trouble

What a band, we will have an interview on the blog next week with English diy stalwarts Bear Trade. Think Leatherface, the replacements and wedding present getting together to write some songs with northern sensibility. As was said I he recent review “Silent unspeakable is not only 12 great singalong guitar songs but Greg singing about the reality of a world that has humans and a home life that isn’t perfect”

Chekhov’s Hangnail

“It might seem that we lost the battle
But no one wins the war”

Pop in sound but punk in attitude Martha are great, pure and simple.

Mad As Hell

Great interview on the site this week and when Dunstan sings he’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore we can only hope that the revolution will have such a soundtrack. I preordered the album yesterday so roll on October when it’s released on all the madmen

Diet Cig
Tummy Ache

New York Lofi punk pop two piece. Lovely tunes with a carefree attitude. Reminds me of an energetic Two piece playing like Allo Darlin. Debut album out now on Frenchkiss records


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