Play of the day – Misfortune Cookie

Play of the day - Misfortune cookie Danger from heavy seas Everything Sucks Music My listening pile is not quite as large as my to read collection. It is close and I try not to let bands skip the queue.  This was impossible with misfortune cookie. I was so excited when I heard of this … Continue reading Play of the day – Misfortune Cookie

Bear Trade Interview

  Anybody who has followed this blog will know of my respect and admiration for uk band Bear Trade. Last week I described as "think Leatherface, the replacements and wedding present getting together to write some songs with northern sensibility" for Thursday Tunes. Or when I reviewed their excellent new album, Silent Unspeakable and described … Continue reading Bear Trade Interview

Thursday Tunes

Thursday tunes This week we have mostly been listening to Paranoid visions - Rebellion Prolific Irish punks have another record out in tribute to the great punk festival that is rebellion. Of course the songs aren't about the festival, instead they are songs of rage Get the new record here Bear Trade Bleedin' Heart Trouble … Continue reading Thursday Tunes

Bear Trade – Silent Unspeakable

Bear Trade Silent unspeakable Dead broke records "Please raise a glass and speak well of me when I'm gone " sings Greg robson on the opening track to bear trades third album. Well I'm not going to wait and I will continue to speak well of Greg and his band as long as those lungs … Continue reading Bear Trade – Silent Unspeakable

Bear Trade – Blood And Sand

bear trade Blood and sand Waterslide Records Where bear trade make a mockery of the concept of The difficult second album. Paint a picture in your mind of Northern England and a band singing in the ruins of a derelict building, singing through the grime and dirt and greyness of a country split. There's a … Continue reading Bear Trade – Blood And Sand