Thursday Tunes

Thursday tunes This week we have mostly been listening to Paranoid visions - Rebellion Prolific Irish punks have another record out in tribute to the great punk festival that is rebellion. Of course the songs aren't about the festival, instead they are songs of rage Get the new record here Bear Trade Bleedin' Heart Trouble … Continue reading Thursday Tunes

A week of punk

"Punk rock saved my life", Derrick Johnston proclaimed one Monday night in the hut to an audience one could quite comfortably count with two hands and we knew exactly what he meant. My saving wasn't on the form of punk but it certainly shaped my life. So many decisions I make on a daily basis … Continue reading A week of punk

Hope Show 113 – the lowdown

Hope Show 113 1. Pup - reservoir 2. Pup - Dark Days 3. Down By Law - rebel Conformist 4. Bangers - The Pits 5. Maxwells Dead - Home 6. Black Flag - TV Party 7. L.O.T.I.O.N. - Computers Don't Have a Heartbat 8. Apes Brigade - The Interrogation of the Good 9. Protomartyr - … Continue reading Hope Show 113 – the lowdown