This weeks Thursday tunes come from Noel Martin.  Like many more of his Irish generation Noel’s family emigrated from Ireland in the early 70’s to a London that was cosmopolitan, a world away from this island.

He formed Menace in 1976, 41 years and many releases later the band are still going.  They were due to be playing in Fibbers this week as part of the excellent Dando Sessions, however have had to cancel. The show must go on however and the excellent Dubtones have stepped into the fold


In advance of it we asked Noel to give us some tunes he has been listening to lately

Fuck you by Menace

Anarchy in the UK by The Sex Pistols

In a rut by the Ruts

Monkey Wrench by the Foo Fighters

Killing in the name of by Rage against the machine

Safe European home by The Clash

Hey little rich girl by The Specials

Warhead by The UK Subs

Take em all by Cock Sparrer

Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy

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