There’s an eclectic mix of people and music appearing in Jigsaw on Saturday (November 4)  in a two pronged fundraiser –

Firstly for the upcoming Dublin Feminist Film Festival which is happening between November 16 – 18 in Dublin’s New Theatre.  Cabaret Feminista will launch the 4th Annual Dublin Feminist Film Festival and will feature – poetry, puppetry, stand up, live electronics, DJs and a bake sale. It is the organisers way of counteracting the mis/under representation of women on stage is to showcase these talents who embody the theme of the festival, FeministFutures. Doors 6pm, €10 entry, BYOB + tea.

Secondly any remaining funds will go to Sasane, a charity that provides support, education and training for victims of sex trafficking in Nepal. 


Coldnose (London)

Coldnose creates dirty Techno beats inspired by Electro, D’n’B, Acid and Industrial. Improvised jams are recomposed and organized into songs. Live performances are spontaneous and can go in any direction, which is why each live set is different, semi-improvised you could say, especially with the distorted vocals that expresses frustration, pleasure, nonsense and rage.

Howlbux! (Irene Buckley & Elaine Howley/Cork)

You might know Elaine from Morning Veils/Altered Hours/Crevice and Crevice and Wry Myrrh are 2 projects multitalented Irene is involved in, among many others. They recently performed new music at Cork’s Sounds from a Safe Harbour festival. Irene will be doing double duty. Buy her a beer.

Irene Buckley & David Colohan (Cork/Ballymahon)

Perhaps you’ve seen and heard David perform as/with Agitated Radio Pilot/United Bible Studies/Raising Holy Sparks/Divil A’ Bit or Woven Skull. On this special occasion, David and Irene will perform publicly together for the 1st time.

Rachel Ní Chuinn (Dublin)

Rachel Ní Chuinn is a sound artist and radio maker. She has played with the Dublin Laptop Orchestra, Gamelan Nua and composed tape pieces for the Spatial Music Collective. These days she is messing with the clarinet and live electronics.


Sahar Ali (Dublin)

Saharcasm premiered at the Dublin Fringe, a one woman show of poetry, music and comedy. Sahar refutes the stereotype that people who grow up Muslim can’t be funny. There will be tea!

Ruth Hunter (Dublin)

Ruth recently performed her alternative stand-up show, Science Idiot, at the Dublin and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. She’s hilarious. Read more here:

Jess McKinney (Dublin)

Delighted that Jess will be sharing her poetry with us on the night. Read her here:

Clara Rose Thornton (Dublin)

Clara is a spoken word artist, culture journalist, event organiser, and RTÉ radio and television broadcaster. Her work focuses on the arts and their intersection with social justice, identity politics, history, and place. She is Chicago-born, New-York-simmered, and Dublin-dwelling. Website:

Flight of Fancy (Dublin)

The Pirate & the Queen is an epic tale about two woman of powerful proportions, The Irish pirate, Grainne Mhaol & Queen Elizabeth I of England. Flight of Fancy is a shadow puppet tag-team encompassing the comic value of Megan Woods and the craftiness of Marie Denham.

DJ Rising Damp (aka Michelle Doyle/Sissy) & DJ Christine Kelly

For more information on the DFFF and Sasane:

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