As part of our interview with Dealing With Damage during the week I asked Ed for his dream line up for a festival.  His answers made me search through my collection for these bands


The Slits Typical Girls

A band that was so influential but yet still a bit undervalued, or are they.  Can’t wait to see the Here to be heard documentary coming soon on the Slits

Rites of Spring

I couldn’t decide what song to pick so went with a gig in their hometown.  Sound not brilliant but it captures the energy so well. Groundbreakers

Articles of Faith

From Chicago this band formed in the early 80’s.  This singer Vic Bondi wrote about his favourite gig for our fanzine.  This was an Artice of Faith gig at Riotfest but I’m sure there’s many fols who wish they were at some of those gigs back when the band started



Embrace had one record.  They lasted less than a year.  They embraced the revolution summer in DC in 1985.  They were great.


Squirrelbait were from Kentucky.  They led the genre that would become known as math rock.  David Grubbs is still performing and members went on to be in bands such as Bitch Magnet, Gastr Del Sol, Slint and Bastro.  Maybe you’ve heard some of them?


5 thoughts on “Thursday tunes – Ed Wenn

  1. Thanks for that list of bands. Another to add to that would be PURE HELL. The first all-black Punk band. I was talking with Garry O’Neill recently and he was telling me he went to see them in Birmingham when they toured the UK.

  2. Remember that the qualifiers here were that these were all bands I’d never seen AND that Rebellion was the setting. Those two criteria narrowed down what would have been an otherwise impossible task.

  3. That above mentioned Pure He’ll single is great. There was a comp lp of their recordings released a few years back. Worth a listen.

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